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In the event that your vehicle has been impounded by a law enforcement agency, the following paperwork will be required for you to claim your vehicle.

To Release A Vehicle You Will Need The Following:

  • Valid Driver's License and/or Government Issued Photo Identification Card (passport, military ID card, state issued ID card)

  • If you (the vehicle owner) is unlicensed you will need to have a licensed operator present with a valid license to drive the vehicle for you

  • Proof of Ownership – Vehicle title, Vehicle Registration, Bill of Sale, Valid Insurance policy (name on ID and proof of ownership must match)

  • All fees are payable in cash, credit card or debit card (debit card must have Visa or MasterCard logo) 

  • If a "Hold" has been placed on your vehicle by any police agency, you must obtain a release from that agency before the vehicle can be released.

  • Any vehicle impounded as a result of an alcohol related violation is subject to a mandatory 12 hour hold (IAW Melanie's Law)


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