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The page updates as incidents occur, so check back frequently for our latest rescue and recovery stories!
Two large trucks were delivering sand to a construction site when this accident occurred.

The truck you see pictured (right) failed to stop while descending a steep grade and plowed into the back of the leading truck. Though no significant damage was done to the lead truck, this one, as you can see, was demolished!

The driver was trapped inside for well over two hours while rescue workers from several surrounding towns provided medical services to the injured driver and crews from SSC and various fire departments worked to free the driver.

We were called in by the Mass. State Police to respond to a reported aircraft down on the Mass Turnpike in Southboro, MA. Our expertise in this area on prior incidents throughout the state is what led to this call.

We arrived on the scene and found the aircraft, a Piper 4 seater, had been forced to make an emergency landing due to an engine failure. Because it was too far to the nearest airport, it had to make an immediate landing on the only straight stretch of road in site - the Mass Pike!! Landing in the westbound lane, the plane struck a car and a traffic sign damaging the plane and the car.

Upon evaluating the condition of the plane and the conditions at the time, we decided the best course of action would be to tow the plane on its own wheels approximately four miles to the Westboro service area. Once there, we secured it and waited for the FAA, NTSB and the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission to come and inspect the incident. A state police guard was posted for the evening and the next day, Sturbridge Service Center was contracted by the plane's insurer to dismantle the plane and haul it to Mercury Aviation in Bedford, MA. Mercury Aviation, and the plane's owner were glad to report that no additional damage was done to the aircraft during the rather complicated process of moving it by road to the repair site.


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